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WellPro Process Mass Spectrometer

WellPro Process Mass Spectrometer
Quantitative Analysis In A Compact Package
Drilling fluid surface logging is a vital piece of the analysis package used to determine pay composition, quality and location. Current measurements as done by GC-FID top out at C5 and take upwards of a minute to process. Both of these measurements are lacking as drilling speed and directional capabilities increase and determination of the pay quality in narrow zones becomes more important.

The WellPro provides near real-time quantitative analysis of C1 through C7 components in less than 10 seconds. Analysis accuracy is maintained by the use of a small gas cylinder used to verify the instrument performance. Recalibration, if required, is completely automatic.

Multiple Data Output Paths
Transferring data from the MS is easy and fast. Modbus and OPC are standard with the instrument along with the WITS communications protocol. Options for discrete analog I/O are also available.

Rugged for Field Use
The 19" wide, rack mount chassis is designed for deployment under harsh conditions. Each unit is packaged with its own high impact carrying/shipping container to provide a problem-free start up upon site arrival. A heated sample valve enclosure provides added protection against condensation in the sample stream.

Easy to Use and Maintain
AMETEK has more than 30 years of experience in mass spectrometer design and manufacture, with many thousands of analyzers already operating reliably. At the heart of the WellPro mass spectrometer is the proven AMETEK quadrupole mass filter, with excellent stability, sensitivity and resolution across the whole mass range. The software provides easy set-up and operation and includes advanced alarm and automation capabilities.

  • Specifications +

    • C1 through C7 Quantitative Analysis
    • Real-time data output 
    • Additional analysis components available 
    • Modular design for fast, affordable field maintenance 
    • 10 component analysis in less than 3 seconds

    1-100 AMU. Optional: 1-200 AMU.

    Sample Ports:
    4-way stream selection manifold

    Inlet Pressure:
    5 PSIG

    Better than 0.5% of measured value for argon in air

    RS-485, RS-232, optional 4-20mA

    Detection Range:
    From 10 PPM to 100%

    115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 500W

    PC Requirements:
    Windows 98 through Windows 7, 8, 10

    19” rack mount

    19” x 25” x 8.7” (48 cm. x 63 cm. x 22 cm.)

    75 lb. (34 kg.)
    Manufacturer’s specifications subject to change without notice

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