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Model 7322 Single Cell HPHT Consistometer

A Critical Tool for Oil Well Cementing
An API Spec 10A compliant instrument, the Model 7322 HPHT Consistometer is designed to test cement thickening behavior under a variety of downhole conditions. Designed with laboratory efficiency and ease of operation as major goals, the Model 7322 design minimized the two largest contributors to instrument downtime: the cool-down time between tests and routine maintenance.

This popular model is designed for laboratories involved in: oil well cement research, development of cement additives, cement quality assurance and field laboratories.

Engineering Excellence for Long-term Performance
A newly designed oil pressurization system employs easy-to-maintain, aerospace-inspired modular hydraulics which also eliminate oil mist. Slurry cup drive reliability is maximized by use of a magnetic coupling system to connect the drive motor to the cup. The simple to use and reliable pressure control system consists of a pump, a sensitive pressure transducer and a unique capillary pressure release unit.

Operational Simplicity and Advanced Capabilities
The usefulness of the Model 7322 Consistometer is not limited to the standard testing of cement thickening time. It can also be used to prepare slurries for other tests such as measuring free water content, testing for fluid loss or viscosity and consistency. The Model 7322 can be equipped with an external chiller for performing tests at sub-ambient temperatures.

  • Specifications +

    • Faster Cool Down Cycle
    • 3 Channel Chart Recorder
    • Programmable Consistency Alarm
    • Modular Hydraulics
    • Advanced Oil Pressurization System
    • Compatible with Model 5270 Data Acquisition System

    Maximum Temperature: 400ºF / 204ºC
    Maximum Pressure: 22,000 psi / 150 MPa
    Heater Power: 2200 Watts
    Slurry Cup Rotation Speed: 150 rpm
    Thickening Time Range: 0 to 100 Bc (Bearden Units)
    Operating Temperature: Ambient to 120ºF / 50ºC
    Turn-around Time: 20 minutes typical
    Pressure Medium: White Mineral Oil
    Data Acquisition: Three channel strip chart recorder
    Chandler Engineering Model 5270 Data Acquisition and Control Software for a stand-alone computer (optional)
    Compliance: API Spec 10A / ISO 10426-1

    Cooling Water: 20-80 psi / 150 – 600 kPa
    Compressed Air: 50-100 psi / 350 – 700 kPa
    Power Supply: 220 VAC ±15% 50/60 Hz

    Physical Dimensions
    Dimensions (wxdxh): 23 x 28 x 73 in. / 57 x 71 x 186 cm
    Weight: 570 lb / 259 kg

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  • Standards +

    API Spec 10A