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Model 5270 Data Acquisition And Control Software

Model 5270 Data Acquisition And Control Software
The Model 5270 Data Acquisition And Control Software offers complete control over the temperature and pressure schedules of oilfield laboratory instruments from a personal computer. The software simplifies the sharing of test information, reports and graphs between laboratories around the world. The Model 5270 is designed to work seamlessly with Chandler Engineering instruments and is versatile so that it can be configured with other instruments.

Designed to improve laboratory efficiency, the Model 5270 Data Acquisition & Control System is able to simultaneously communicate with and capture data from multiple oilfield laboratory instruments such as ultrasonic cement analyzers, consistometers and the like.

The software of the Model 5270 operates on a Windows® based computer. This set-up significantly increases system reliability as proprietary, built-in, obsolescence-prone computers are completely avoided. Should your computer ever need replacing, the Model 5270 software along with your custom configurations and test protocols can be quickly and easily uploaded onto a new computer.

The software comes configured for numerous Chandler Engineering instruments but is also custom configurable to work with other, non-standard instruments. Multiple communication protocols are built into the Model 5270 which provide great flexibility for interfacing to a variety of devices.

The System is designed to be a “multi-drop” network. As such, removal or operation of one instrument has no impact on the performance of any others on the network. Power failures and electrical noise are elegantly handled with Model 5270 recovery and data handling features.
  • Specifications +

    • User Friendly Point-And-Click Interface
    • Create And Store Custom Test Protocols
    • Flexible High Quality Data Presentation and Data Management
    • Customizable Instrument Types (Gas Migration Tester, etc…)
    • Remote Monitoring of a Test in Progress Using a LAN
    • Built-In “E-mail”/ Interactive Capabilities
    • Multiple Communication Protocols
    • Power-Fail Recovery Features
    • Built-In Help System
    • Supports Most Chandler Engineering Instruments and other devices

    Professional data reporting and presentation are both key features of the Model 5270 System. The user is provided great flexibility in the way the graphic data are presented and the way supporting information is placed on the graph. For example, there is space to paste in custom artwork, such as your company logo directly onto each graph.

    Data and graphs use standard formats allowing the user to easily copy, print, export or e-mail directly from the software.

    Communication hubs, cables and several instrument upgrade kits are available. Upgrade kits allow use of the Model 5270 System with older consistometers as well as pressure and temperature controller upgrades. Contact Chandler Engineering for additional ordering information

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