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Static Gel Strength Analyzers (SGSA)

Static Gel Strength Analyzers (SGSA) offer simultaneous measurement of a cement slurry's static gel strength development and its compressive strength development while it is curing under downhole temperature and pressure conditions.
  • Model 5265 Static Gel Strength
    Model 5265 Static Gel Strength

    Gas migration and water flows through cement are two of the biggest problems facing the petroleum industry. One of the critical measurements required to evaluate the potential for fluid inflow migration problems is the determination of the static gel strength development of the cement slurry.

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  •  Model 5265MG Mechanical Gel Strength
    Model 5265MG Mechanical Gel Strength

    The Chandler Engineering Model 5265MG Gel Strength Analyzer is an addition to Chandler Engineering’s world leading line of cement testing equipment. The need to measure gel development, gel duration and gel strength are critical in the design of cement slurries. The Model 5265MG allows an operator to study the development and resulting gel strength throughout the gel phase of cement slurries. This tool equips the operator with the knowledge required to improve slurry designs and to meet the critical requirements of well placement.

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