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Model 2331D Digital Gasometer

Model 2331D Digital Gasometer
An Important Tool for Reservoir Analysis
The Model 2331D Gasometer accurately measures atmospheric gas in the PVT laboratory. It allows precise measurements with a minimum of technique, as required by wet test meters, gas burettes and mercury displacement gasometers.

Designed For Flexibility and Simplicity
The design of the Model 2331D consists of two chambers which can be used separately or in series to provide a wide range of volume-resolution combinations. Each chamber contains an atmospheric volumetric pump with the piston connected to a measuring device, including a scale, a vernier, a pressure-adjusting knob and digital temperature and pressure displays.

The chambers each contain a floating piston connected to a rack
and pinion that can be positioned through panel control knobs. The movement and position of the pistons can be monitored by the dual digital volume meters which are calibrated in cubic centimeters. The measured gas remains in its separated condition, non-contaminated to guarantee that further true gas analysis is possible.

Materials in contact with the gas will resist the corrosive effects of hydrogen sulfide. Safety shields and relief valves are provided for protection.
  • Specifications +

    • Two Volume Chambers Allow Operation as Three Gasometers:
    • 1000 cm3, 2000 cm3, 3000 cm3
    • Digital Meters Display Gas Volumes
    • Mercury-Free Design
    • Sour Gas Compatibility
    • Verniers for Precise Volume Measurement

    Total Capacity: 3000 cm3
    Left Side Capacity: 2000 cm3
    Right Side Capacity: 1000 cm3
    Accuracy: 0.2% of Reading
    Maximum Pressure: 50 inches of water / ~2 psi / 14 kPa
    Scale Resolution: 0.1% of Full Scale

    110 / 220 VAC 50/60 Hz, 30 A

    Typical Weights and Dimensions
    Dimensions (w x d x h):
    13.31 in. x 7.69 in. x 40.31 in. / 33.81 x 19.53 x 102.4 cm
    Weight: 35 lb / 16 kg

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  • Standards +

    CE—European Safety Standards