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Model 2347 Floating Piston Cylinder

Model 2347 Floating Piston Cylinder
An Essential Component For Sample Integrity and Storage
The Model 2347 Floating Piston Cylinder is an essential laboratory component for all manner of liquid and gas analysis. The cylinder is high-pressure (15,000 psi) with low dead volume and a positive mixing capability. The cylinder comes complete as shown.

Engineered For Oil Field Fluids
The sample bottle uses a hydraulically operated, solid floating piston that permits mercury-free operation.
A nested stirring ball design minimizes dead volume in the sample chamber for nearly complete removal of sample. The large, single stirring ball dissolves gas bubbles better than multiple-ball systems.

It is heavy enough to traverse easily through viscous samples ensuring thorough mixing to a single phase. Threaded end caps protect the valves at either end of the bottle from damage during handling and transport. All wetted parts are fabricated from 17-4PH stainless steel, which meets NACE specifications for use with H2S. When maintenance is required, the sample cylinders are quickly and easily disassembled without the use of special tools. Removal of both high-pressure end caps allows complete access to the cylinder cavity permitting easy cleaning. O-ring replacement and reassembly of the bottle are accomplished by hand. A standard adjustable wrench may be used for final tightening.

  • Transport of pressurized liquid and gas samples
  • Laboratory fluid accumulator for PVT, Core Analysis, SCAL and fluid flow studies
  • Storage of pure gas and liquid components
  • Reservoir Fluid sample storage
  • Dispensing reservoirs
  • Specifications +

    • Mercury-Free Design
    • Minimal Dead Volume
    • Heavy Stirring Ball
    • H2S Resistant Materials
    • Easy Disassembly For Cleaning or Maintenance 

    Maximum Pressure: 15,000 psi / 104 MPa
    Sample Volume: Three sizes available - 500 mL, 750 mL, 1000 mL

    Sample Cylinder Length A
    inch / cm
    Length B
    inch / cm
    inch / cm
    Weight (empty)
    lb / kg
    500 mL 27.75 / 70.5

    17.75 / 45.1

    4 / 10.2 50 / 22.7
    750 mL 30.5 / 77.5 20.5 / 52.1 4 / 10.2 58 / 26.3
    1000 mL 35.5 / 90.2 25.5 / 64.8 4 / 10.2 65 / 29.5

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