PVT System

PVT System is a precision instrument used to perform PVT studies on a variety of fluids with a special emphasis on those fluids typically encountered in petroleum reservoirs.
  • Model 3000 PVT Phase Behavior System

    The Model 3000 PVT Phase Behavior System is the most widely accepted analytical (PVT) system in both domestic and international scientific laboratories. With a maximum operating temperature of 400°F / 204°C, this system offers detection in both Oil and Gas Condensate Studies.

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  • Model 3000-CP Positive Displacement Pump System

    The Model 3000-CP-011 pump system is a high flow, large volume dual cylinder pump system, capable of operating in continuous flow or pressure modes at flow  rates to 100ml/minute or pressure to 20,000 psi. Cylinders can also be operated independently in either flow or pressure modes.

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