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Model 3530 Viscometer

Model 3530 Viscometer
A Critical tool for Completion, Cementing and Drilling Fluids
The Model 3530 is a fully automated concentric cylinder viscometer designed to meet API and ISO requirements for viscosity measurements of many of the fluids used in well servicing. This viscometer is fully operational in manual mode without the use of a computer or as a computer controlled viscometer with preconfigured periodic shear rate ramping. The Rheo 3000 Data Acquisition Software is provided with the instrument and provides a powerful tool ensuring consistent testing parameters and results.

Operational Simplicity
The Model 3530 is an automated version of the Model 3500LS+ viscometer combined with our powerful Rheo 3000 Data Acquisition Software running on your computer (Software is an optional/additional feature). This combination provides complete, programmable control of the viscometer's speed throughout a test cycle including step changes, linear ramps and constant speeds as low as 0.01 rpm. Rheo 3000 also provides automatic data acquisition graphical display and analysis of the test results. All test data is stored in a spreadsheet compatible file format for ease of data handling.
  • Specifications +

    • Easy to Set-up, Operate, Clean and Maintain
    • Rheo 3000 Data Acquisition Software
    • Automatic Calculation of Power Law, Bingham Plastic and Herschel-Bulkley Parameters
    • Remote Control of Motor System (Step Changes, Linear Ramps, Constant Speed)
    • Automatic Calibration Capability
    • Meets API and DIN Standards for Oilfield Cements and Completion Fluids
    • Multiple Rotor / Bob Combinations and Spring Factors Available
    • Optional Thermal Cup

    Operating Speeds: 16 Manual Speeds from 0.1 to 600 rpm
    0.01 to 1000 rpm when computer controlled
    Shear Rate (sec-1)**: 0.17 to 1021 with supplied rotor, bob and spring
    Shear Rate Accuracy: ±0.01 rpm ±0.017 sec-1
    Torque Accuracy: ±0.5 dial reading from 1 to 260 degrees
    Sample Temperature: 194ºF / 90ºC Maximum
    Sample Volume: 350mL
    Operating Conditions: 75ºF - 194ºF / 24ºC - 90ºC
    Compliance: System complies with API Spec. 10A requirements
    CE and CSA (NRTL) certified

    Power Requirements:
    120 or 240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 700 W

    Physical Dimensions
    Dimensions (wxdxh):
    7 x 12 x 18.2 in / 18 x 31 x 46 cm
    Weight: 47 lb / 21 kg

    Shipping Information
    Dimensions (wxdxh): 13 x 25 x 20 in / 33 x 64 x 51 cm
    Weight: 50 lb / 23 kg

    **Additional rotors, bobs and springs available for higher and lower shear rate ranges

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    API Spec 10A
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