Pressurized Rotational

Chandler Engineering manufacturers high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) viscometers that provide measurements at elevated pressures and temperatures in accordance with API and ISO standards for completion, stimulation and drilling fluids. Choose from the following:
  • Model 5550 Rotational Viscometer

    Model 5550 HPHT Viscometers - are high precision, computer controlled and offer unique design features such as a sliding carbon dry-block heater and a high-precision digital torque sensor that is external to the sample cell.

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  • Model 5600 Shear History Simulators

    Model 5600 Shear History Simulator is a system designed to prepare and load water-based fracturing fluids dynamically into rotational viscometers. The fluid is pumped through a series of capillaries at various rates and durations in order to simulate pumping conditions experienced during fracture stimulation treatments.

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  • Model 7550 HPHT Viscometer

    Model 7550 HPHT Viscometers offer the smallest footprint for a drilling fluid instrument. The small size and unique design allow ergonomically friendly operation. These fully automated viscometers are provided with data acquisition and control software.

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  • Model 7600 Ultra HPHT Viscometer

    Model 7600 Ultra HPHT Viscometers offer the highest pressure and temperature ranges available. These fully automated viscometers are able to simulate the most severe downhole conditions. They are provided with data acquisition and control software.

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