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Chandler Engineering continues its efforts to help our customers improve the efficiency and productivity of their drilling and production operations.

Well known for producing the world's most capable and reliable high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) well cement testing instruments, the Chandler Engineering portfolio of instruments and systems has grown to include reservoir testing systems, drilling fluid testing and corrosion testing instruments as well as many other unique solutions for reservoir evaluation, well construction and completions.

OIL WELL CEMENTING INSTRUMENTS - are a complete portfolio of API and ISO specified instruments for testing key performance properties of oil well cements.

  • Consistometers are used to determine the thickening time of oil well cement under simulated downhole pressure and temperature conditions. Thickening time is a critical parameter used during the completion of newly drilled oil and gas wells.
  • Ultrasonic Cement Analyzers are used to determine the compressive strength development, gel strength development and elastic moduli of oil well cement under simulated downhole conditions.

RESERVOIR ANALYSIS INSTRUMENTS - determine the flow-related properties of the reservoir fluids and formation so that producers can optimize their production and recovery techniques.

  • Phase Behavior Systems are used to study the thermo-physical properties of hydrocarbon reservoir fluids such as the gas/oil ratio, expansion characteristics and the formation of solids.
  • Quizix Precision Pumps are the industry standard for core flow studies by operators, service organizations and research laboratories.

VISCOMETERS - are used to determine the flow tendencies of completion, drilling and production fluids.

  • HPHT Viscometers measure the complex flow behavior of fluids at simulated downhole conditions of elevated pressure and temperature.
  • Atmospheric Viscometers are the primary QC method for testing cement, drilling and stimulation fluids.

HPHT APPLICATIONS - are uniquely designed instruments for solving the specific measurement problems in high pressure high temperature (HPHT) environments.

  • High Pressure Pump Systems are used in hydrocarbon conditioning pilot plants and other plants that require the precision delivery of catalyst feed.
  • Complex Flow Simulators help Scientists to understand the behaviors of two-phase flow, turbulent flow or solids deposition.