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Custom Products

Chandler Engineering offers unique test instrumentation to meet unique testing requirements. Systems are designed for specific applications as required by laboratories individual needs. Please give us a call to receive additional information.

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Core Analysis Systems

The fully automated, closed loop recirculating core flow systems measures 2 or 3-phase flows for long term testing of core samples at reservoir conditions. Fluids and gases are injected using Quizix precision pump products. These highly specialized systems are designed around specific application requirements and experiments.

Recovered Permeability Systems (automated or manual)

Automated - a system designed to study the effect of fluid treatments on the permeability of core samples and formation damage.
Manual - a system with data acquisition designed to study the effect of fluid treatments on the permeability of core samples and formation damage.

Model 7322 Single Cell HPHT Consistometer

Minimum Miscibility Apparatus (Click here for more information Model 2328-900)
The MMPA is designed to determine suitable oil reservoir candidates for enhanced oil recovery efforts. It is an automated slim tube apparatus suitable for a wide range of miscible displacement experiments. The MMPA offers robust, custom LabView-based software that is easy to use and includes user friendly Windows™ based control software.

EOR (Click here for more information: Model 6100)

Based on our popular FRT platform, this system is easily customized to meet your application requirements. Simplified flow paths, low dead volumes, multi-phase or sequential flows and many additional options provide easy to use and easy to maintain functionality.

Slurry Cart for Dynamic Leak Off & Filter Cake Analysis (Model 6110 and 6150)
Cart mounted delivery system for injection of drilling muds across the core face for dynamic leak off.

Proppant Conductivity System
System designed to evaluate performance of Proppants at various closure pressures, temperatures and flow rates.

Sample Cylinders
NACE compliant Sample cylinders for oil and gas analysis.

Lost Circulation Tester (Model 7170)
Automated stirred fluid loss system for large sample volume. Automated system for making static fluid loss measurements.

Gas Migration

Curing Chamber for CO2

Long-Term Curing Chambers evaluate cement exposed to water and CO2 for long term testing under elevated temperature and pressures.
• Gas accumulator pressurized via gas booster for pressure control
• Pressure: 5000 psi (345 bar) / temperature: 400°F (204°C)
• Max heating rate: 3°C/min (37°F)

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