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Pressurized Curing Chambers

Pressurized Curing Chambers
A Critical Tool for Compressive Strength Testing
Chandler Engineering offers several pressurized curing chambers that are specifically designed to cure standard two-inch cement cube samples for compressive strength testing in accordance with API and ISO standards for oilfield cements. The curing chambers cover a wide range of operational temperatures and pressures to simulate a wide variety of downhole conditions during the curing process.

Selection of the best instrument for your application is based on the number of cubes needed for testing, the size and features of each curing chambers.

Each of the curing chambers has been designed for safe operation and have pressure relief and over-temperature protection. The curing chambers are an important part of any oilfield cement laboratory and are part of a complete line of cement testing instruments offered by Chandler Engineering. The Chandler Engineering Model 4207D Compressive Strength Tester is also an essential instrument used in conjunction with determining the compressive strength of the cube after curing in the curing chamber.

The Chandler Engineering Pressurized Curing Chambers have been used in hundreds of laboratories and have application in research centers, product development laboratories and field laboratories.

Operational Simplicity
The curing chambers are simple to operate. All of the operational controls are conveniently located on the front panel. The temperature and pressure are easily read on the panel gauges and digital indicators.

A programmable temperature controller is capable of controlling multi-slope temperature gradients during a test. In addition, the temperature controller will control the cooling rate at the end of the test in conjunction with the application of cooling water. Pressure is generated with an air-operated high-pressure pump, and control is maintained with a pressure relief valve.
  • Specifications +

    • Single or Dual Cell Instruments
    • Capacity up to 16 standard cubes
    • Temperature control with multi-slope gradient capability
    • External chiller connections

      Model # Number
     of Cubes

    Temp        Press
           Net          Ship
    W x D x H
    ºF ºC psi MPa lb kg lb kg
     1910  16 9.5 700 370 25,000 173  1030  470  1280  580 41x38x79 in
     (104x96x200 cm) 
     7355  16  8.5 700  370   5,000  35  780 350 1080  490 41x38x79 in
     (104x96x200 cm) 
    7360V 4 or BP
    tube test
    3.2 600 315 6,000 41 150 70 700 320  20x22x19 in
     (50x55x48 cm)
    7370 8 4.5 700 370 3,000 21 520 240 700 320 36x38x66 in
     (91x97x167 cm)
    7375* 16
    (8 / cyl)
    8.5 700 370 3,000 21 1030 470 1200 550 53x38x66 in
     (134x97x167 cm)
    *Model 7375 is a dual cell unit

    Operating Temperature: 32 to 120ºF / 0 to 50ºC
    Compliance: API Spec. 10A / ISO 10426-1

    Cooling Water:
    20-80 psi / 140–550 kPa; nominal flow 2 Lpm
    Compressed Air: 100-125 psi / 690-860 kPa

    Power Supply
    220 VAC ±15% 50/60 Hz 7.5 kVA

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  • Standards +

    API Spec 10A