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Model 3260 Constant Speed Mixer

Model 3260 Constant Speed Mixer
Sample Preparation for Oil Well Cement Testing
The first steps of any test procedure have the ability to significantly impact the final results. This is true for oil well cement where detailed testing by the API has proven that the methods of mixing cement slurries will significantly effect their thickening time. Because of this, the API has defined accepted practices for mixing cement slurries.

Chandler Engineering has developed a Model 3260 Constant Speed Mixer for blending cement slurry in compliance with the API’s 10A/B. These mixers are engineered to operate at constant speeds thereby mixing the slurry at an automatically-maintained, stable, constant shear rate.

These high performance mixers are designed for heavy duty industrial applications and long life. They are equipped with heavy duty motors, stainless steel mixing vessels and hardened long-life mixing blades. An additional shaft seal and special electronic circuitry are added to the mixer motor assembly to ensure its reliability. A large, stable base ensures that the mixer stays in-place during operation.

Operational Simplicity
The Model 3260 is extremely simple to operate with three speed control selections. API specific speeds are preset and factory calibrated. These mixers also have a continuously variable speed control function which is adjustable across the entire rpm range.

The Model 3260 is provided with a one quart (liter) mixing vessel.
  • Specifications +

    • Push Button Simplicity
    • Two Factory-Set Speeds and a Continuously Adjustable Speed Function
    • Automatically Maintains Constant Shear Rate During Mixing
    • Long-life Hardened Mixing Blades and Stainless Steel Vessel
    • Built-In Timer with Automatic Shut-Off
    • Rotational Speed Display
    • Heavy Base Plate Ensures Stability During Operation

    Model #




        Net          Ship

    W x D x H
    lb kg lb kg
      3260  1 qt / 1 liter 4,000 rpm
    12,000 rpm
    1,000 to 18,000 rpm 18,000 45 20 80 36 11x16x28

    *Maximum rpm will vary with line voltage and mixer blade wear

    Speed Selection: Preset speeds per API mixing procedures, along with user-adjustable, continuously-variable speed
    Display: Speed is displayed directly in rpm Container Material Stainless Steel
    Mixing Blades: Proprietary, Hardened Long-Life Metal
    Compliance: API Spec. 10A

    The 3260 complies with the procedure as documented in C1738.

    110 or 220 VAC +/- 10% 50/60 Hz

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  • Standards +

    API Spec 10A