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Environmental Solutions

Environmental Solution Technologies / Well Integrity

Geothermal: Chandler’s line of instruments for testing wellbore cements and drilling fluids can handle the aggressive conditions found in conventional geothermal and EGS wells. Consistometers are designed to test a cement's thickening time under a variety of downhole conditions, and we have technologies to measure elastic mechanical properties, mechanical and ultrasonic gel strength of cements, gas migration and drilling fluids rheology.

Fugitive Emissions/Abandoned wells: Atmospheric Consistometers are specifically designed to be a simple and accurate means to prepare cement slurries for the testing of rheological properties, fluid loss and other properties for cements used in plugging of abandoned and orphaned wells. These instruments are used daily in laboratories involved in remediating/plugging of wells emitting fugitive emissions, research and testing of cement additives, cement quality assurance and the research and field laboratories of well service companies.

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage: Chandler has an impressive lineup of Special Core Analysis (SCAL) instruments to measure formation response to a wide range of technologies focused on utilization or storage of CO. Whether your project is looking for long term exposure of cement to CO, EOR studies on Water-Alternating-Gas floods, or relative permeability of multi-phase flow properties, Chandler makes the instrumentation to duplicate reservoir conditions on core samples in your lab, providing critical information on how your reservoir will respond to CO injection for long-term storage.

Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG)/Well Integrity: (DCI/Reservoir Analysis systems for RSG) Gas migration through hydrating cement slurry’s are a major reason for well completion failures which require costly remedial well treatments. Chandler’s Cement Hydration Analyzer (CHA) realistically simulates gas migration scenarios of varying severity during the critical hydration stage of wellbore cements. Our line of Drilling Completion Instruments (DCI) and Reservoir Analysis systems provide the necessary information to assure the integrity of your gas well, not only during production but into the future when your reservoir can be used for storage of CO or other means.