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Pilot Plant

Chandler Engineering offer custom designs and solutions to fully scalable pilot plants. We provide solutions across various industries such as Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Energy, Food and Beverage.

Gas Gravitometer


Quizix offers Precision Pumps for catalyst injection. Pumps offer precision metering of Liquids, Gases, Slurries and Pastes with unsurpassed flow and volume accuracy.

AMETEK Process Instruments provides a number of analytical solutions to serve users interested in measuring trace to percent levels of moisture, methane, oxygen, hydrocarbons, sulphur species and other elements and compounds in process streams.  With a wide variety of technologies available – including laser absorption (TDLAS), quartz crystal microbalance (QCM), zirconium oxide, ultraviolet and infrared spectroscopy.


Single and multi-phase core flood systems are available for EOR applications for Water Alternating Gas (WAG), Steam Alternating Gas (SAG) and chemical and polymer injection. Systems are customized based on user-application and uses Quizix precision pumps to displace fluids in open or closed loop recirculated flows. Many options are available for core holders, accumulators, dP transducers and types of oven enclosures.
This WAG Lab System was design by the most experienced scientists from Petrobras and AMETEK for long term experimental runs for steady state relative permeability.