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  • Atmospheric Rotational
    Atmospheric Rotational

    These Viscometers are used to measure viscosity of cementing, completion, simulation and drilling fluids in accordance with API and ISO standards. Any of these instruments may be used with an optional thermal cup which enables testing at temperatures up to 194ºF / 90ºC. Choose rom the below:

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  • Pressurized Rotational
    Pressurized Rotational

    Chandler Engineering manufacturers high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) viscometers that provide measurements at elevated pressures and temperatures in accordance with API and ISO standards for completion, stimulation and drilling fluids.

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  • In-Line Viscometers
    In-Line Viscometers

    In-Line Viscometers provide real-time on location measurement of fracturing fluids viscosity. They are rugged instruments designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors encountered within field operations.

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  • Friction Flow Loop
    Friction Flow Loop

    Friction Flow Loop System is used for testing the effects of friction reducers by circulating at high rates through different pipe diameters. Friction Loop designs vary based on the application required.

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  • Formation Response
    Formation Response

    Formation Response Testers (FRT) are designed to accurately measure the permeability changes of a formation sample when exposed to a variety of test fluids.

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  • Model 5617 Corrosion Test Apparatus
    Corrosion Apparatus

    Throughout the Oil & Gas Industry, the corrosivity of fluids and the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors are critical to keeping operations reliable, safe and cost-effective. Chandler Engineering’s Corrosion Test Apparatus is designed to test the reaction rate of corrosive liquids on metals that are subjected to high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) under dynamic conditions.

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