Our History

June 28, 1949 -
The Manufacturing portion of Refinery Supply was split off as a separate business and incorporated as Refinery Manufacturing

August 5, 1953 -
Refinery Manufacturing was changed to Chandler Engineering by A.W. (Bill) Chandler, President

February 1981 -
Chandler Engineering is acquired by EG&G

September 1987 -
UGC Industries of Shreveport, Louisiana is acquired by EG&G and is combined with Chandler Engineering

November 1987 -
Ranarex® is acquired from Hach Company and moved from Loveland, CO to Tulsa

Late 1989 -
The Carle chromatograph product line is acquired from Hach Company and moved from Loveland, CO to Tulsa

February 1997 -
Chandler Engineering is acquired by private investors and restructured as Chandler Engineering LLC

August 1998 -
Chandler Engineering acquires the product lines from Larson Engineering of Broken Arrow, OK

August 2001 -
Ruska Instruments Corporation phase behavior product lines were acquired from the Truck Group by Chandler Engineering LLC and relocated from Houston, TX to Broken Arrow, OK

April 2002 -
Chandler Engineering ownership is restructured under a separate parent company named Chandler Instruments LLC. Chandler Instruments LLC acquires Grabner Instruments GmbH of Vienna, Austria and Petrolab Company of Albany, NY

August 2003 -
Chandler Instruments LLC is acquired by AMETEK

September 2005 -
AMETEK acquires the product lines of Quizix Incorporated and relocates to Oklahoma as part of Chandler Engineering