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Our History

June 28, 1949 - The Manufacturing portion of Refinery Supply was split off as a separate business and incorporated as Refinery Manufacturing

August 5, 1953 - Refinery Manufacturing was changed to Chandler Engineering by A.W. (Bill) Chandler, President

February 1981 - Chandler Engineering is acquired by EG&G

September 1987 - UGC Industries of Shreveport, Louisiana is acquired by EG&G and is combined with Chandler Engineering

November 1987 - Ranarex® is acquired from Hach Company and moved from Loveland, Colorado to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

November 1989 - The Carle chromatograph product line is acquired from Hach Company and moved from Loveland, Colorado to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

February 1997 - Chandler Engineering is acquired by private investors and restructured as Chandler Engineering LLC

August 1998 - Chandler Engineering acquires the product lines from Larson Engineering of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

August 2001 - Ruska Instruments Corporation phase behavior product lines were acquired from the Truck Group by Chandler Engineering LLC and relocated from Houston, Texas to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

November 2001 - Chandler Engineering introduces the first Pressurized Foam Rheometer, designed specifically to measure the rheological properties of foamed systems under extended pressure and temperature conditions.

April 2002 - Chandler Engineering ownership is restructured under a separate parent company named Chandler Instruments LLC. Chandler Instruments LLC acquires Grabner Instruments GmbH of Vienna, Austria and Petrolab Company of Albany, New York

August 2003 - Chandler Instruments LLC is acquired by AMETEK

March 2004 - Chandler Engineering produces the first Model 5550 HPHT Rotational Benchtop Viscometer.

September 2005 - AMETEK acquires the product lines of Quizix Incorporated and relocates them to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma as part of Chandler Engineering.

February 2006 - AMETEK purchases Solartron ISA, and merges it with Chandler Engineering, Grabner Instruments & Petrolab Company to form AMETEK Oil & Gas.

April 2006Chandler Engineering launches the Model 7600 Ultra HPHT Viscometer designed to handle virtually any temperature or pressure encountered during drilling and completion operations.

November 2007 - The 5550 Rotational Viscometer is upgraded and re-launched.

July 2008 - Creation of the CP009 Friction Flow Loop line and CP013 Dynamic Scale Loop System.

April 2011 – Chandler Engineering offers the 7322 and 8340 HPHT Consistometers for testing the thickening time of oil well cements under a variety of downhole pressure and temperature conditions.

June 2012 – New Model 5600 Shear History Simulator prepares and loads water-based fluids dynamically into rotational viscometers

July 2013 - Chandler Engineering leverages years of Friction Flow Loop design experience to launch the 6500 Friction Flow Loop line of products

August 2014 - The launch of the Model 3330 In-Line Viscometer for Real-Time measurement of fracturing fluids on location

May 2015 – The Pressured Foam Rheometer is upgraded and formally introduced as the Model 8500.

November 2015 – The 5265MG Mechanical Gel Strength Apparatus was created to allow oil service companies, operators and their testing laboratories around the world to optimize cement slurries and to accurately determine the potential for annual gas and fluid migration.

January 2016 - AMETEK merges the Process Instruments and Oil and Gas Business units to form the Energy and Process Instrumentation Business Unit

April 2016 – Building on its portfolio of custom product offerings, Chandler Engineering launches the Model 5400 Dynamic Scale Deposition Loop System to measure and evaluate the performance of scale inhibitors under the high-pressure and high-temperature conditions found in oil production. Also released was the Model 7550 HPHT Viscometer with the smallest footprint (30,000 psi) for drilling and completion fluids.

September 2018 – The Friction Flow Loop line is expanded with the 6500-M Mini-Loop™ system, which is designed to measure the friction pressure created by different slick water fracturing fluids.

November 2018 – The Energy and Process Instrumentation Business Unit acquires Spectro Scientific, manufacturer of superior fluid analyzers.

January 2019 – Chandler Engineering celebrates 70 years with a reputation for providing accurate and innovative high-pressure, high-temperature laboratory instruments and systems.

April 2020 – Model 5265 MGSA Gel Strength Analyzer is an addition to Chandler Engineering’s world leading line of cement testing equipment.