Q6000 Series Precision Pump

Q6000 Series Precision Pump
The Quizix Q6000 precision metering pump is a high pressure syringe pump that provides truly pulse-free pumping with unmatched precision and accuracy. These positive displacement metering pumps are ideal for handling aqueous solutions, brines, hydrocarbons, refined oils, and gasses such as CO2.

A pair of Q6000 cylinders can work together to pump continuously for any length of time, from seconds to months. You can pump fluid at either a constant flow rate or a constant pressure, specifying the precise flow rate or pressure to be maintained. A ramping feature enables the pumps to provide a smooth transition between multiple rate, pressure, or volumetric settings. Q6000 Series pumps can also operate in either direction, letting you easily deliver or withdraw fluid to or from an application. Q6000 pumps can also be configured for single cylinder, batch flow operations as well.

The high temperature (HT) version of the Q6000 allows the entire syringe pump body to be placed in an oven, with the motor extending outside the oven wall. By keeping the fluid, piston and cylinder barrel at a uniform temperature, volumetric errors due to thermal expansion and contraction are eliminated.

All 6000 Series pumps are operated from our Quizix PumpWorks Software program. PumpWorks provides compete control using any of the 14 standard modes of operation, and is easily configured for data logging and graphing of important pump functions.

Precise specifications would be worth little without the durability and reliability built into every Quizix pump. Unique valve technology eliminates the maintenance headaches associated with check valves ensuring that they will operate flawlessly for years. The pumps’ long-wearing piston seals are readily accessible and easy to replace if needed.

The Q6000 pumps can be ordered with either Stainless Steel or Hastelloy® (C-276) wetted parts. Custom pump configurations are also available to meet your fluid delivery requirements
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    A two-cylinder system (Q6200) provides continuous, pulse-free flow of a single fluid or gas at a constant rate, constant pressure, or constant differential pressure. A typical Q6200 includes:

    • Two 6000 Series Pump Cylinders (choose from four models)
    • One CN6000 Dual Controller
    • Two Pressure Transducers
    • Two 3-way Constant Volume Valves
    • MUST be Operated with PumpWorks Software
    • Associated Inlet and Outlet Plumbing

    Q6000 pumps can be configured for single cylinder or up to 8 dual cylinder systems. Consult your Chandler sales specialist to discuss how these options can benefit your application requirements.

    Q6000 Precision Metering Pumps
    Model Max Pressure Max Flow Rate Cylinder
    Stroke Volume
    Min Flow Rate Options
    Q6000-5K 5000 psi
    34 MPa
    400 mL/min
    24,000 mL/hr
    550 mL 0.001 mL/min
    0.06 mL/hr
    SS or HC
    Q6000-10K 10,000 psi
    70 MPa
    200 mL/min
    12,000 mL/hr
    275 mL 0.0005 mL/min
    0.03 mL/hr
    SS or HC
    Q6000-20K 20,000 psi
    138 MPa
    100 mL/min
    6,000 mL/hr
    125 mL 0.000030 ml/min
    0.0018 ml/hr
    HC or

    30,000 psi
    206.8 MPa
    50 mL/min
    3,000 mL/hr
    65 mL 0.000012 mL/min
    0.000720 mL/hr
    AT only

    SS: Wetted components may be ordered in stainless steel 316
    HC: Wetted parts may be ordered in HASTELLOY® C-276
    HT: Available with high temperature option for heating fluid ends up to 545˚F / 285˚C
    AT: Ambient temperature 0-50˚C

    Computer required to run PumpWorks™ pump control software.

    Air: 85 - 115 psi, clean and dry
    Power Supply: 120 VAC, 60 Hz

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